torsdag 19 mars 2009

World exclusive: Dan Lissvik's Practice!

We'll do this post in English for all our friends in other galaxies. So, you might have heard of Dan Lissvik, half of Studio and one helluva guy to enjoy long breakfasts with. Last year he released 7 Trx + Intermission, a solo album filled with stripped-down disco grooves, ticking clocks and guitars that made us think of The Doors and deserts.

It was, of course, bliss.

A few days ago, Dan, seemingly out of nowhere, announced that he had a track called Practice which he recorded just before the music that actually became 7 Trx + Intermission.

"It's kind of the template for the whole album", he said.
"What are you going to do with it?", we asked.
"I thought I'd give to you guys. After all, you paid for breakfast last time."

No worries Dan. We'll cover the next one too.

If you're well-versed in the Swedish language, Dan elaborates on the track here.

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Anonym sa...

Jag har väntat! Hoppas att mina förväntningar införfrias...

_| sa...


Anonym sa...

jävla fin liten bedde!

Emil Broomé, Harry White & revK sa...

Fantabulous! Tack för frukosten senast!

Anonym sa...

Dumt att tveka :)