fredag 29 februari 2008

Bonden imorgon

Leo Sayer - Easy to Love

I morgon lördag är det fest på Bonden och MIND ON THE RUN står för musiken.
Kom gärna förbi och drick några glas med oss.

Hoppas vi syns...

fredag 22 februari 2008


Guy Cuevas - Ebony Games

Ikväll har MIND ON THE RUN fest på Uppåt Framåt i Göteborg.
Hoppas vi syns!

onsdag 20 februari 2008

söndag 17 februari 2008

fredag 15 februari 2008

Weekend Anthem

Jackson Browne - Disco Apocalypse

"Tonight’s the night I’m gonna make you mine
Gonna dance right out onto the edge of time
When the sound starts pumpin’
And the lights are flashin’
And my hearts-a-thumpin’
And I feel the passion
And the world is right there waiting
At my finger tips
Disco... apocalypse"

Jackson Browne, Disco Apocalypse, Hold Out (1980)

tisdag 5 februari 2008

En vanlig tisdag med exorcism...

Bob Larson - Exorcism

4 saker man bör tänka på vid utförandet av exorcism enligt pastor Bob Larson

1. BIBLE - "Take your own Bible so you can readily find passages of Scripture."

2. SNACKS & DRINKS - "If your ordeal is long and arduous, the victim often experiences extreme thirst. Sometimes light, healthy snacks are helpful if you are breaking your fast. "

3. PORTABLE CASSETTE PLAYER - "I have also found it is helpful to have a portable cassette player with tapes of praise and worship music. While taking a break from the ordeal to rest or rethink what is happening, the tapes are a means of torment to the demons and a further invitation for God's presence to be with you."

4. TOILET FACILITIES - "Make sure that toilet facilities are readily accessible, and never let the victim go into the rest room alone, once the demons have been aroused. If the exorcist is male and the victim is female, it's important to have another woman present who can assist in this regard. If the victim is offended by such seeming immodesty, at least make sure that someone stands next to the bathroom door and that the door is left slightly ajar. I've had demons manifest once the victim in a trance state, the demons kept the person in the bathroom for hours, and thus stopped the exorcise."

Och ett bonusspår Mort Garson - Exorcism